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Demon in the Playpen

Ya, I know, we're unreliable.

It's been a while, but here's more news on the newspaper club!

At the beginning of the term, we are going to make a full-hearted (and timely!) attempt at a school newspaper. We ask that any wishing to apply submit a 250-300 word article on the topic of their choice, preferably the topic they wish to focus on for the duration of the newspaper (i.e. sports, gossip, advice, what have you), to either Mat Adams (xpertblade16 AT hotmail DOT com) or me, Harleigh Shaw (monkeyinthe_unionjackthong AT hotmail DOT com).
A meeting time will be arranged to discuss the newspaper prototype to be presented to the principal, during which we will all cross our fingers and hope for the best. If finger crossing elicits positive results, then we will officially have a newspaper club. At that point, things like meeting times, deadlines, and distribution schedules will be discussed.
Also note that photographers will also be greatly appreciated, especially the multi-talented type that would be willing writers as well. Editing and other more vague jobs to be discussed at a later date.

Leave a comment or drop either of us an e-mail if there are any questions!
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