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Don't be suprised if something like this appears in the newspaper...

Imagine something like this on the front page, only... well-written and funnier.

Who is _rcc_?: We're *dying* to know!
by Teri Gray

Dozens of LiveJournal users from PCVS have recently discovered a fellow PCVSer on LiveJournal, going by the alias _rcc_.
With only subtle hints from his blog, the classmates are desperately trying to crack the code that is RCC.
"It's very exasperating," said fellow blogger Megan Richardson. "It's like he doesn't want to be found out."
So far, the desperate degenerates have learned that it is a male, who considers himself, 'dark, mysterious' and 'puppy', and has a crush on Kelly Clarkson.
"What good will that do us?" cries PCVSer Katherine Heigh. "I mean, what are we supposed to do? Grab a yearbook and look for someone that apparently has an eyebrow ring that looks dark and mysterious?"
Apparently, yes. With nothing better to do, the students have grabbed their yearbooks from under their beds, out of boxes, and out of the trash to look for a guy who seems 'puppyish'.
Has anybody made a guess as to who it could be? Bethany Williams has.
'I have a few guesses, and I know one of them has to be right. It's narrowed down to: Dean Shamess, Rob Sangster-Poole, Dylan Wales or Mr Latham.'
Will the mystery of _rrc_ ever be solved?
On behalf of the PCVS bloggers, I hope so.
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